Tuesday, 3 June 2014



I don't think I find anything as therapeutic as painting my nails - except for shopping, but that is dependent on dollar bills, which I don't have many of. Aloe Blacc sang a very apt song for this statement.

Anyway. I find that it's so nice setting aside some "me time" where I can put on some chill music and paint away. 

File, buff, polish, base coat, spending 20+ minutes choosing the right shade of red from about 5 varieties (none of which are ever the exact shade I want at the time), waiting for them to dry, top coat, admire...

Then there's the accent nail, do I... Don't I... Then my mind wanders to glitter topcoats and my heart beats out my chest at all those pretty glittery polishes... Then I remember it takes the equivalent of a hammer and chisel to get it off and I just opt for something simple.







These are just a few of my favourites - all images are my own of course, from my Instagram @lauramcshe.

I used to like my nails quite short and squoval. But as I am getting older, I really like having longer nails. They make me feel elegant and I notice myself being far more delicate when picking things up or typing etc! Pinkies out when drinking tea, fo'sho.

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Laura xo

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