Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mid-year Resolutions

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I made New Years resolutions... And have partially kept them. One was to become more physically active and healthy - I do go running but I don't have a routine so I think I can be quite lax at times. But I am going, which is a start, right?

My second was to try and love myself and have more confidence in myself. I think we all need to do this at times. I will let you know how this goes!

This leads me on to one of my mid-year resolutions! I am due to start a new job which will be part-time, but fairly well paid and so I have decided that this is a great opportunity to learn to drive! It will be hard, I'm sure many tears will be shed, swears will be shouted, but I have to do it and I think a great confidence and independence will come from it.

I've given myself until the new year to be driving... That's enough time... Isn't it? I'm really excited about it actually! I have left it quite late, but it's not too late so I don't mind so much.

New Years resolutions are overrated (unless you stick to your word), so who else is with me in mid-year resolutions?

Laura xo

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Guys, this is my latest manicure obsession! I think I saw Kylie Jenner with this and decided that I must have it too.

Definitely one of the fiddlier ones I have tried recently as getting the perfect curve shape was a bit difficult, but overall, a pretty good effort I think!

Tip: if you want to recreate this, buy some stickers for hole-punched paper. You can get them on ebay for dirt cheap. They're little circular stickers that look like polo's and if you place them toward the white of your nails, depending how much of a tip you want, paint and then remove, you'll get this effect. I cut them in half, just to be thrifty and economical (read:cheapskate). 


You're welcome.


Laura Xo

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pet Peeves

I thought that despite this sounding really miserable and negative, it would be quite fun to talk about little pet peeves. Now, I'm not about to go on some mega rampage, and slag everyone and everything off! But as I am quite a fan of Kate from This Is What I Do and her monthly rants, I thought I would do my own :)

1) Depop. I'm fairly new to this app, and so far, I've had some lovely followers/buyers. But the one thing that REALLY annoys me is when I have clearly stated "no swaps" and then people go and ask "Swap?" Yes. I am really using reverse psychology on you because I really want to get rid of my stuff, for more stuff. Then there's the like button, which I will admit I use myself! But after a while it's like, JUST BUY MY ITEM ALREADY!

2) People who spit. WHY IS THIS EVER NECESSARY? It's quite possibly the most unattractive, disgusting, vile, rude and unacceptable thing to do in public. It's like, do you spit in your house? Would you like it if I spat at your feet? Do you think it makes you look hard? It doesn't. And to be honest, it gives people the right to judge you instantly, despite whether their impressions of you are correct. It's vile. If you are salivating that much, get help. If you're not, then you're revolting. Stop it and show more respect for the people around you, and more importantly yourself.

3) Insults via social media. I did a serious blog post on this the other day, so I won't go too mad on it today. But really, it is unnecessary. Going out of your way to spread hate is nothing to be proud of or something to voluntarily put your name to - or hide behind with fake profiles. It annoys me SO much to the point where I will chuck my two cents in if I see it. Y'know, to help a sister out. Finally, when people try and validate rude remarks with "it's just my opinion". We all have arseholes, but I'm not going to post it on the internet every five seconds. Grow up!

4) Spam emails. Hackers, please articulate yourselves better, get better email addresses, and use less exclamation marks.

5) Football. I do not care for this sport, the amount of money they earn makes me horrifically jealous, and I'm putting it out there... I don't think you're worth that much money for kicking a ball around and crying.

6) Plastic film lids on microwave/oven meals. THEY NEVER COME OFF. Design flaw.

7) iPhone battery life. One minute you're 86%. Then you're 10%. THEN, at 8%, you just turn off.

8) Hairdressers perception of "just an inch". The amount of times an inch has turned out to be 3 and then you end up with a buzzcut. If my hair is a shit state, tell me and then we can discuss whether I should have more off. Don't just hack it off and leave me to sob in to my hair clippings on the floor.

9) Wifi. Why, in this day and age, can the wifi not work continuously when I need it to. Ie, when completing job applications or forms online.

10) People asking me what I want to do/be in life... If I knew, do you not think I would be doing it by now? And then people making me feel like I need to get that sorted now or I'll miss my chance, get old and die. The latter is true, but I don't think it can be too late for some things. Also, is happy and comfortable (finance wise) not enough anymore?

11) Mrs Brown's Boys... It absolutely is not funny. I don't understand how it actually makes it on to Prime time TV. What the actual hell?

12) Bus fares. One word. Extortionate.

13) Freddie and Finn from Hollyoaks. Freddie just annoys me beyond belief! Then there's Finn... He's an evil little git and I want his storylines to just be over!

14) Seeing gorgeous clothes in shops.... and then they have slogans and crap pictures on. Thanks for ruining a lust at first sight designers.

I thought this would just be a bit of fun as us Brits like to moan. It wasn't intended to cause offence either. What are everyone elses pet peeves?

Laura xo

Friday, 6 June 2014

Summer Jam

I love music, always. But there's something about summer and music that makes me so happy! So I thought I would share a few songs which I have been loving the past couple of weeks.
Calvin Harris - Summer

Bombay Bicycle Club - Feel


Ed Sheeran - Sing

Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down

Chris Brown - Loyal

Pharrell - Marilyn Monroe

Ella Henderson - Ghost

Finally, this epitomises summer...

Bring on the sunshine, barbecues and cocktails! What are your favourite songs currently? 
Laura xo

Thursday, 5 June 2014

DIY Projects #2

I've already done a DIY post, which you can see Here. I just thought I would share a few projects I have done previously.

I have made a few things such as a case for my iPad mini - one of my proudest creations!

had some material which I got for a haberdashery in a clearance sale, and I love the white and silver design on it. I used some old fleece material to pad out the case to protect it from any damage when in my bag, and the cutest part is the cute trim around the top. It took me a few goes to get this right as I had the dimensions all wrong to start with! But after perseverance, I got there and I love this :)

Next I up-cycled an old shirt which was in my charity shop pile. I was in the haberdashery (again!) and saw some fringing and I thought it would look perfect on the blouse. Think along the lines of Dolly Parton meets Alexa Chung!
When I wore this to work with a plain black skater skirt, I got so many compliments. It was so nice saying "oh this old thing?! I sewed the fringed on myself!" The best part was the blouse was initially only £6, and the fringing was about £2, but if you got this from a retailer, it would easily be above £18. 

Next in the up-cycling theme, this dress: 
I did initially buy it because I thought it was so unusual and I loved the pattern, but the style really wasn't me. I couldn't get rid of it though, and it sat in my wardrobe for months before I decided to hack off those 70's folk-style sleeves and then I had this for a dress instead:
I love it this way and I have had SO much wear out of it that the tiny £5 sale price is virtually nothing now with regards to cost-per-wear.

I made this vintage scarf belt in about, 15 minutes. It's pretty self explanatory, and the project can be found in Lisa Comforts Sew Over It book. If you like up-cycling, customising and making clothes and accessories, I would highly recommend her book as it's beautiful and easy to follow.

Finally, the cutest thing in THE whole world ever. Does anyone remember P.E in school and you'd have a pump bag? Probably made by your mum or nan, the simplest of all bags, but effective. It doesn't need to be a big flouncy thing, it was more than fit for purpose, and often in floral... Well, I went and made myself a makeup bag version didn't I? Best part? It's REVERSIBLE!
It's my favourite thing! It cost me £2, and I just can't put in to words how amazing it is. Zip up bags annoy me because they're never big enough, and then when they are they're bulky! But this versatile beauty just fits into my bag and moulds in to any space available and is so pretty to look at. 

I want to make more. In all shapes, sizes and patterns! So if anyone wants one, just comment, and then I can pop them onto my depop - which is @lauramcshe :)

Does anyone else enjoy making and customising things? It's so rewarding afterwards, and always nice to know that you have something unique to anyone else's :)

Laura xo

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sister sister

                                                                       Picture source

This post is going to be on the more serious side and it's come about from frequenting many social media sites, and the internet in general. 

It's something that I feel SO strongly about, yet sad about at the same time because it really shouldn't be such a widespread issue.

Trolling. Online bullying and shaming...

Now, I would like to just state that (IMO) there is a MASSIVE difference between having an opinion, and being down right rude, nasty, vile, and sadly, a bully.

Let's set the scene: a selfie. An outfit post. A body-shot. Some people could see a picture and think "that's really not flattering" and just scroll on. That? That is just life. Opinions come in all forms and varieties whether pleasant or not. I'm not disputing that. But what really grinds my gears is when someone has to post that opinion. 

"Eat a burger"
"You look fat in this picture"
"Wow, your forehead is massive!" 
"Your skin is disgusting"
"I don't think you should be wearing that, no offence!"

I don't really see why there is any need to say things like that? When you don't know someone and you're commenting via your phone or laptop... What is it within a person that makes them feel that they  can say that and validate it with "that's just my opinion"? Would they accept that validation if someone criticised them?

I feel that people think this behaviour is acceptable, or not a big deal because we choose what we post online. But let me put it another way...

Imagine the same person in the selfie is walking down the street. Again, you don't know them. The same thought enters your head "wow, that outfit makes her look so fat!" (Or ugly, thin, slutty, weird, whatever). Would you HONESTLY say that to them? Face to face? I am guessing no. And if the answer is yes, please don't feel proud and give yourself a pat on the back. That, quite frankly is worrying. Don't you think?

I have seen a few blog posts regarding this subject, I have seen tirades of insta-battles and Facebook fights and I am sick of it, bored of it, disgusted, worried, saddened and all the rest. 

No one likes an insult. No one likes an insecurity being highlighted or developed, and we should all know better than to be saying things like that. We are in an age where exposure is being given to mental illness, depression, eating disorders, bullying, stress, etc. Any slight insult, comment or "observation" can lead to all kinds of upset and hurt that could be temporary, or more worryingly, a permanent damage to someone's self esteem.

Another sad part about it is that it's girl-on-girl. Why are we doing this to other people? We all know how hyper-sensitive we can be in ourselves at times yet some people go out of their way to be cruel.

It always makes me think back to being younger when I had a really close group of friends. If you think of how close and inseparable some friends are, there is almost nothing as unbreakable and strong as the bond between girls who will quite frankly kick the hypothetical-ass of anyone who hurts their friend!

Why can't we try and be more like that? Girls should stick together and stand up for ourselves, for anyone. It's a far more satisfying life filling it with positivity and happiness than spreading it with hate and vile comments. 

It only makes me think that those who spread these vibes are only as happy as they're trying to make someone else feel with the "you're so ugly" comment. 

                                                                  Picture source

Be nice girls, please?

Laura xo

Mind > Matter

I thought I would do a post about my blog and why I am writing one. I touched on it briefly in my first post, but thought I would be a bit more specific.

Who: I am a twenty-something English graduate with a penchant for the quirky, cute, and creative. I wanted somewhere where I could write and share everything I love, admire, and possibly hate - within reason! I have always liked writing, but since leaving University and working in a chain of jobs, I don't really get time to write anymore.

The name: I really like the concept of this name, and think it can really ring true for me at times. I like it in terms of a blog because it enables me to write about all things whether emotions, thoughts and feelings on things, or whether I want to talk about "matter" like fashion, and so on. I am at a stage in my life where I am trying to be a lot more independent, strong and positive, so the title can reflect that and remind me at times when I need it. But it also allows me to talk about the little things. It gives me a lot of scope, which is always good for a rambler... (Is this now a thesis? #essay)


About: I live in the North West of the UK and I love it! I did live in Gloucestershire for a decade, which was in stark contrast to being near such an exciting city such as Liverpool. I feel lucky to have seen both places! The above picture is one I took whilst on a run the other week. To me, this view is beautiful because the sea looks so blue and the sky is so lovely and bright - anyone who knows the Mersey, knows it can look pretty dire at times! So this was a welcome sight.


I'm really trying to maintain an exercise routine. I've always been one for really embracing something for a couple of months and then life takes over and before I know it, it's been six months since my last run! Since March, I decided that this would have to be something I kept up. Many moans and groans were made, and I pretty much had to drag myself out the house to run in all kinds of weather! I'm not going to lie, the pre-run hype up is horrific. I hate it! I love running, so when I'm out it's fine, but getting myself into those trainers and getting out there is the struggle! 


Another of my loves is reading. I know this book hardly looks gripping! But I have decided to brush up on my grammar! I did English Literature in Uni, so our main focus was to write about books and their themes and intentions, and analyse them and so on... So whilst my grammar was always being used, it wasn't always up to scratch shall we say! I need to read this. I will also report back! 


This post has been winged a bit. But I just wanted to give a bit of an insight into what my blog will be about, where I'm at and what I like etc. There will be more to come, don't worry! I'm just finding my feet at the moment! 

Hope you have enjoyed this and feel free to comment or ask any questions down below :)

Laura xo